What A Hoot Owls: Oreo Cupcake Owls Tutorial
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What A Hoot Owls: Oreo Cupcake Owls Tutorial

Distinguished with their big eyes set on a feathered body, delicious edible owls can be made with just a few ingredients. Cupcake bodies, candy corn beaks, frosting feathers, and Oreo cookie with M&M eyes are all you need to make these cute, tasty, and mysterious desserts that people will flock to (sorry we couldn't resist). Just follow our Oreo Cupcake Owls step-by-step tutorial to create a parliament of owls - yes, that's what you call a group of owls ;) These are also part of our Halloween Party Inspiration, so if you're looking for other Halloween ideas, get inspired here.

Oreo Cupcake Owls Tutorial Supplies

Cupcakes (Try our Double Vanilla Recipe)
Frosting of your choice (Try our Fudge Frosting Recipe minus the liquor)
Oreo Cookies
Candy Corn

Oreo Cupcake Owls Tutorial Step-By-Step Directions

1) Bake cupcakes and prepare the frosting of your choice.
Oreo Cupcake Owls Tutorial
2) Frost the cupcakes with a small palette knife or butter knife.
Oreo Cupcake Owls Tutorial
3) With your palette knife or butter knife, pull a bit of frosting up at the top of the cupcakes in two places.
Oreo Cupcake Owls Tutorial
4) This will resemble the feather tufts above the eyes of the owl.
Oreo Cupcake Owls Tutorial
5) Place a candy corn piece, pointy side down, in the middle lower half of the cupcakes, resembling the Owl's beak.
Oreo Cupcake Owls Tutorial
6) Next, place two cream filled Oreo halves, above the candy corn, to resemble the eyes, and lightly push in two M&M's to complete the look.
Oreo Cupcake Owls Tutorial
7) There you have it! What a hoot, right?
Oreo Cupcake Owls Tutorial

Oreo Cupcake Owls Tutorial Sweet Notes

With your palette knife, pull frosting up all over the cupcakes as you did for the ears, giving the cupcakes some texture, mimicking the Owl's feathers. Make sure to keep the two feather tufts above the eyes distinguishable
When you pull apart the Oreo, unless you're an Oreo Master, there will be some cookie crumbs on the white creme. Take a small sharp knife and scrape off the cookie crumbs so the whites of the eyes are crumb free
When serving these cupcakes, place the eyes in all different directions, it's a hoot!
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