Light Bulb Vases
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Light bulb vases are rustic, elegant, and simply beautiful. This DIY project does take a little time and patience, but is definitely worthwhile if you want to add a special and unique look to your rustic dessert table. Adding a floral arrangement that matches your design makes this DIY project perfect for this, and other dessert tables you might want to put together.
For The Rustic Experience
Light Bulb Vases
Used For The Light Bulb Vases
Or use 20 gauge floral wire
For crafting
For craft projects
For The Light Bulb Vases
For the full tutorial on how to make a light bulb vase, check out Free People
Please wear safety goggles and do this project outside, as you'll be dealing with little pieces of glass that can be harmful
Make sure to securely place the floral wire around the light bulb since it does get quite heavy when filled with water
DO NOT use fluorescent/CFL bulbs in this project as they can be toxic when opened. Stick to regular incandescent light bulbs
Ideas For The Light Bulb Vases
Hang these light bulb vases on a long floral wire strung on either side of the table. Or you can also hang them individually
A simple printable dessert label can go a long way to completing the presentation. We offer free printable dessert labels, along with the rest of the Rustic Experience Printables, that you can download here. We recommend using cover weight paper which you can find at Paper-Source. We used Luxe Blush Cover Paper from Paper Source for these printables. We also used a Doily Lace Edge Puncher from Paper Source to add embellishments to our dessert labels
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